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  • 02:24:42 am on December 5, 2009 | 0 | # |

    ‘Moments of Inspiration’ TM is a place for women to begin to share their dreams, goals, inspiration and ‘aha’ moments.  Where are you when you get those ‘brilliant ideas’?  How do you record them daily?  Do you record them daily?  Have you taken an idea from ‘moment of inspiration to production’?  If not, why not?  Have you had a moment of inspiration and then saw that book, movie idea or product in the market years later and thought to yourself, ‘that was my idea!’?  This is your place to share those moments and what has inspired you or held you back from those ‘divine original ideas’.  It’s time to D.O. it and be the Divine Original, with unique and world-changing ideas, that you are meant to be!